Completed Projects

True Bias Southport Dress in Volcanism Liberty tana lawn

Volcanism Southport

Swaying Palms Market Tote

Swaying Palms Market Tote

By Hand London Kim bodice with a Colette Patterns Hazel Skirt

Blue Hazel Kim

Shweshwe Coachella Shorts

Shweshwe Coachella Shorts

Colette patterns Hazel Dress in Cotton & Steel Moon Bunnies Navy quilting cotton

Moonbunnies Hazel

True Bias Southport dress in Matt Maddison Liberty Tana Lawn

Matt Maddison Southport

April Rhodes Staple Dress + Grainline Studios Scout Tee mashup in Cotton + Steel Mochi lawn

Mochi Staple-Scout

April Rhodes Staple Dress and Grainline Studios Scout Tee pattern mashup in Robert Kaufman Tiny Flower lawn

Tiny Flower Staple-Scout

Grainline Studio Scout Tee in Art Gallery Fabrics Mojave voile

Mojave Scout

Grainline Studio Scout Tee in Cloud9 fabrics Palos Verdes La Venta voile

La Venta Scout

April Rhodes Staple Dress in Nani Iro Mountain View double gauze

Mountain View Staple Dress

April Rhodes Staple Dress in Nani Iro Sen Ritsu double gauze

Sen Ritsu Staple Dress

Colette patterns Hazel Dress in Art Gallery Fabrics Florascape by Leah Duncan

Florascape Hazel

Grainline Studios Lakeside pajamas

Grainline Studios Lakeside pajamas

Colette Patterns Hazel Dress in Art Gallery Fabrics Manhattan Dusk by Leah Duncan

Manhattan Hazel

2 thoughts on “Completed Projects

  1. Hi there. I think your clothes are really cute. I am envious of being able to sew your own clothes! I have a few ideas for clothes but have never gotten around to figuring out how to actually make my own.


    • Hi back! Thanks! Don’t be envious, dive in 🙂 It seemed super intimidating before I started, and the first few projects were hard, but there’s a very steep learning curve and before long things which seemed so difficult before are actually pretty simple. It’s such a satisfying hobby (with tangible results!), I highly recommend giving it a go. There are some amazing resources on the internet, and so many great beginner patterns– I recommend starting with stuff which is almost guaranteed to be a win, so you don’t get discouraged early on. I think a simple elastic waist skirt is always the best place to start– you could use a pattern (for example, the Sewaholic Rae skirt) or follow an online tutorial. I started with a tutorial, but having a pattern is probably easier!


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