Mochi Staple Scout

April Rhodes Staple Dress + Grainline Studios Scout Tee mash-up, in Cotton and Steel Mochi Lawn

I’m not pregnant… the dress just tends to puff out at the belly a little. The effect isn’t so bad in real life!

Confession: I finished this dress about two months ago. I took the photos about a month ago. Oops.

I’m wearing it today, and that’s what reminded me to finally put this up.

The dress is another “Staple Scout”– a mashup of the April Rhodes Staple Dress and the Grainline Studio Scout Tee. I won’t say too much about it, because construction-wise it’s exactly the same as my first Staple Scout, so you can read up about it here if you’d like more information. I love my two Staple Scouts– they make a perfect go-to summer work dress. Super comfortable with their shirred waistlines, and made of cool, comfortable cotton lawn, pull one on and I’m ready to go. I really should make more, because I have to keep reminding myself not to wear them TOO often! On my own time, I definitely prefer dresses which let me feel the sun on my shoulders and upper chest. However, my job as an elementary school English teacher in Korea requires me to cover all that up– and these dresses are a good way to do it.


The only difference between this and the last one is the fabric. It’s called Mochi Floral Lawn in teal, by Cotton and Steel. I bought mine from, it’s temporarily out of stock but they’re due to get more in. I definitely recommend it. Compared to the Kaufman lawn I used for the last dress, it’s not quite as soft, and it’s smoother. It seems to wrinkle a bit more.  But these differences are very slight, the fabric really does seem to wash and wear well. If this is the standard quality for Cotton and Steel lawn, I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for more in a different print!

I’m cheap with my fabric, and always want to use as little as possible of it so that I might be able to squeeze another project out of the leftovers. I recently made pj shorts from the leftovers of my other Staple Scout, so I’m expecting to do the same with the leftovers from this one, as both were 3 yard cuts. For that reason, I used a fat quarter of quilting cotton for the pockets– a kind of pale sea green (the colors are a bit off in the pic below, and I’m terrible with color names anyways, maybe that’s not the right thing to call it) which I had lying around. I think it goes really well with the colors in the dress.

The pictures were taken by my friend Anna, who was visiting me from Canada, as we walked around the Naksan Art Village in Seoul. I had another friend come visit me literally two days after she left, so all up I had visitors staying with me for about a month– had a really great time, but didn’t leave any time for sewing!  Now I’m visitor-less for the next three weeks or so and trying to get myself in gear to get some sewing done in this window of opportunity, because after that I’ll be busy for a month with two visitors and a trip to California!


11 thoughts on “Mochi Staple Scout

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  2. Hi Amalie! I discovered your blog (love it!) on the April Rhodes flickr. Your dress is so cute and I love your fabric choice. I’m actually starting a sewing class tomorrow to make the Date Night dress, and I’m using a Cotton + Steel rayon. Thanks for the inspiration!

    – Grace (from McGill anthro!)


    • Haha that’s funny! I’m obsessed with sewing but pretty negligent with the blogging, I’ve made so much I haven’t posted! Send me a pic of your dress when you’re done– love cotton + steel fabrics!


  3. This is so cute! I have a question – I’ve been trying to find lawn and voile fabric to make light summer shirts, and it’s been really hard to figure out exactly *how* sheer they are. I’m hoping to find fabric that’s light enough for warm weather, but opaque enough not to need a lining that would, y’know, defeat the purpose.

    So did you need to line this dress, or was the fabric okay alone? The pattern is nice, and I hear great things about Cotton & Steel overall.



    • I didn’t line it and it isn’t sheer at all! I LOVE cotton and steel lawn. I think that unless it’s mostly white, a cotton and steel lawn should definitely be opaque enough. I also really like Robert Kaufman lawn, in terms of feel/quality, although it has few prints that I personally like. And then, if you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, Liberty Lawn is always a dream!


      • Liberty Lawn looks gorgeous – there’s this jungly denim blue print that looks like something out of a vintage illustration – but forty bucks a yard is a *little* bit out of my budget. I’m definitely going to check out some of these others, though.

        Thanks so much! I love the look of the fabric, and the prints are so pretty, but I was terrified it would show up and be translucent. I’m not teaching in Korea anymore, but I’m still not going for the visible bra look.

        I might try rayon, too – Cotton & Steel has some beautiful saturated blues and reds.


      • Ah you taught in Korea too? Cool! Yessss rayon ❤ pro tip for Liberty: by it online from Shaukat, even with shipping it's cheaper than elsewhere!


      • I did! I taught for Princeton Review Korea, which I’d recommend if you’ve got friends looking for work. And thanks! I will check them out. The lawn showed up last week, btw, and it’s really, really pretty.


    • Oh and if you’re confident enough (it’s kind of slippery) I really recommend rayon/viscose for summer tops. It feels super cool and drapes beautifully, and is usually pretty opaque. Plus it doesn’t wrinkle as badly as cotton does!


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