New Year’s To-Sew List

My disorganization is vast, my procrastination knows no bounds. If I have any hope of getting things done in a timely manner, I need lists. Something to work through with items I can check off. So, here are some lists.

To Sew from the Stash– DO THIS FIRST!

  • Grainline Scout tee — 1. Mojave voile, Art Gallery Fabrics. 2. La venta voile in Mint Organic, Cloud9 Fabrics done!
  • Colette Hazel dress —  Florascape in moonstone, Art Gallery Fabrics done!
  • Sewaholic hollyburn — navy gabardine
  • April Rhodes Staple dress — 1. Mountain views double gauze by Nani Iro. 2. blue Sen Ritsu double gauze by Nani Iro. done!
  • Colette Violet — 1. Miraleste in multi, Cloud9. 2. White swiss dot cotton.  Edit: The Colette Violet ship has been (at elast temporarily) abandoned. This pattern was NOT working for me! Will revisit it when I have more skills!
  • Grainline Lakeside pajamas– random printed purple fabric from Dongdaemun. Edit: This fabric was sacrificed to a “wearable muslin” of the Scout Tee which ended up being unwearable.
  • By hand london Kim dress — Vintage african-inspired cotton

To Sew (Specific Patterns)

  • By Hand London’s Holly. I think a romper would look terrible on me, but I just can’t get them out of my head, and Holly in specific is calling to me– maybe this will help me get over it!
  • A Christine Haynes Emery dress (or two, or three…). Looks both flattering and work appropriate, and I need more work dresses! Use one of the South African cottons?
  • Some kind of mash-up dress with a Hollyburn skirt… Emery bodice, make an Emeryburn?
  • Sutton blouse, black with lace sleeves/yoke
  • By hand london’s Anna.

To Sew (more generally)

  • Undies!
  • leggings and bike-shorts for under short skirts
  • One club-appropriate/party outfit which I feel sexy in
  • a knit dress
  • a sweatshirt (grainline’s Linden?)
  • A pair of pull-on pants… Hudson? or Tessuti’s Suzy pants, maybe?
  • A woven tank

Dream Big

  • A parka (Edit: Papercut Patterns’ Waver Jacket? It doesn’t look too scary!
  • A high-waisted bikini

Other projects

  • Makeover for the black anthropologie dress– change the buttons, fix the pocket, embroider!
  • Satsuma Street Prettly Little San Francisco cross stitch
  • A picnic quilt for the summer
  • A big cross stitch present for mum and dad for next christmas! Edit: My “progress” on the Pretty little San francisco pattern tells me that this is a delusional goal.
  • A set of felt christmas tree ornaments?
  • Finish my lovebirds embroidery!

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